2017 Buick Avenir Price

Buick is in the US somewhere halfway between mainstream and premium class, but is progressing everything possible to boost your credit and became a full-fledged luxury brand. An important step towards this goal could become a new full-size sedan which could arise in line with the concept Avenir.

  2017 Buick Avenir front

2017 Buick Avenir Engine

Under the hood from the concept is really a gasoline engine, that has the feature off “unnecessary” cylinder engine works together with a nine-automatic gearbox and drives the trunk axle. Further information omits details don’t correspond well to your most important question – regardless of if the concept is become a mass-produced car.

2017 Buick Avenir cabin

2017 Buick Avenir Exterior

It isn’t any coincidence that in the region of ​​lighting technology Buick bet on today so well received diodes. Each from the headlamps contains three “jewels”. The distinctive “wings”, which represent the top edge with the headlight us somewhat reminiscent on the Opel Insignia, which alternatively may not be entirely wrong. But the critical thing is that here were applied dynamic directional blinkers, for instance, which uses Audi A6 or even the Peugeot 308 GT. Whole must give the impression of waves around the coast, that is indeed jointly with headlights special idea, but precise take her Buick.

2017 Buick Avenir rear

2017 Buick Avenir Price and Release date

The base model this car are going to be around from 60,000 $ – 65,000 $. Expected release date achievable 2017 Buick Avenir : July 2016


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