2017 Ford C-MAX Solar Energi

The 2017 Ford C-MAX Solar Energi is really a growing idea as well as a developing motor concept, that in case adopted can help in the lowering of green house gas emissions by almost 4 tons each year. Actually, unlike standard enter hybrid system that’s made of sun cells, this car is made from a solar concentrator and also a sun tracking technology to permit for more electricity than merely the solar panels alone. The 2017 Ford C-MAX Solar Energi is defined as a midsize hatchback car which has a front wheel drive, characterized having a number of features that ranges coming from a 2.0 liter four cylinder Atkinson engine, through an eCVT automatic and computerized transmission system allow it produce about 141 hp and 129 lb-ft of torque.

2017 Ford C-MAX

2017 Ford C-MAX Solar Energi – Performance

Similarly, the Ford C-MAX should have a 7.6 kWh lithium ion battery to permit the car to go at a top-notch speed of 85 mph in electric mode. Its solar production alternatively will give about 141 hp thus offering a premier speed on a about 102 mph, even while it attains its acceleration from 0 to 62 mph within 7.8 seconds. To add on, this car’s intake of the solar power will be about 40/36/38 mpg using a maximum selection of this system being 620 miles. However, besides being powered with the solar power, this car will likely allow for a prospective charge by using a standard electrical installation at either 120 V to totally charge for approximately seven hours, or at 240 V absolutely charge for approximately 2.5 hrs. This car use of electrical energy is therefore 108/92/100 MPGe.

2017 Ford C-MAX energi

Exterior and Interior Specs

The 2017 Ford C-MAX Solar Energi car would actually have an identical external dimension with 4 doors. Its wheels will be made from 17 inch aluminum with wheel base of approximately 104 .4 inches, characterized having a length of 173.6 inches, a height of 63.9 inches as well as a width of 72 inches. This car can even have a a large and also a recognizable trapezoidal grille, along with front LED lights which have adaptive halogen headlights. To its interior, the 2017 Ford C-MAX Solar Energi will have a space that is going to be able to accommodate approximately about 5 passengers. The interior will even be made using some beautifully premium materials for example seats that happen to be exceptionally and comfortably upholstered in leather. It can even be built with two 4.2 inch LCD screens as well as the center console owning an 8 inch touch screen which has a MyFord Touch Infotainment system. Furthermore, this car will likely be placed with their front along with the side airbags to look at care for their rows on the seats plus an air bag to look at care for the driver’s knees.


2017 Ford C-MAX interior

Release Date and Price

Indeed, should the Ford C-MAX idea is totally adopted then most car enthusiasts should anticipate the sale on this car that occur by the year 2017 if not inside the year 2018. Although, the price with this car most likely are not clearly known right now or already determined, many speculation says that it is going to be more expensive, gauging so that it is around $1000 from your standard fire up hybrid model, which based on the available information, the standard turn on hybrid are going to be priced at around $ 35,000.


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