2017 Jeep Liberty Redesign,Specs,price

The 2017 Jeep Liberty is scheduled to be sold under name of 2017 Jeep Cherokee. It was from 2002 to 2013 when Jeep Liberty was bought in the market. This SUV is now sold only to be a model for year 2002 as Jeep Liberty. Otherwise, it truly is mostly known by name ‘Jeep Cherokee’. When it existed, Liberty SUV underwent two generations of change. In August 2012, manufacturing of Liberty was ceased and then suddenly generation on this vehicle was named as Jeep Cherokee. Even though name in this SUV has become changed from Jeep Liberty to jeep Cherokee, some people still think of it as Liberty. The 2016 model lies between Grand Cherokee and Wrangler. This vehicle incorporates a unibody construction. Some revolutionary changes are actually made to be a result of growth and development of new generation. This car recently about perfect dimensions. Some great popular features of 2017 Jeep Liberty include great handling, excellent fuel economy and road holding. It certainly provides top in class 4×4 performances.

2017 Jeep Liberty front

2017 Jeep Liberty: Redesign Exterior and Interior

This upcoming vehicle, 2017 Jeep Liberty are going to be featuring and modern and futuristic design together with sophisticated interiors. There have already been changes in this new generation model, but it really still features distinctive characteristics of Jeep models. This vehicle carries a strong and aggressive build. Exterior on this vehicle has become made perfectly made. This vehicle features perfect aerodynamics. This new model will likely be having changed LED tail lights. Curved tail and rear spoiler promote high index aerodynamics. Overall appearance is powerful, with complete exhaust system having dual tailpipes.

When looking at interiors of 2017 Jeep Liberty, one can possibly easily spot the use of premium quality equipment. Cabin comes with an element of luxury. There are large amount of details and decorations, which might be made from modern and fine quality materials. This car also are equipped with several security features and systems. Toughness exists by additional security vehicle, that’s characterized by by using high steel strength.

2017 Jeep Liberty: Engine Specs

Although there isn’t any official announcement regarding engine specifications yet, rumors are until this new vehicle is going to be powered with a 3.2 liter V6 engine. This engine will probably be having a start/stop system, which can be very helpful in fuel economy. It continues to be speculated that fuel economy of 2017 Jeep Liberty will surprise a great deal of people. Although exact numbers usually are not yet available, fuel economy with this vehicle is anticpated to be pretty good. This engine is followed by nine-speed transmission. Use of nine speed automatic transmission continues to be pending since quite a while. It has been confirmed until this car will probably be using a front wheel drive based system.

2017 Jeep Liberty side

2017 Jeep Liberty: Release Date and Price

Even though there isn’t any information regarding the provision of 2017 Jeep Liberty, it might be assumed that it are going to be coming either late in 2016 as being a 2017 model. 2016 model has been around since 2015, but whether 2017 model can be found in 2016 or otherwise not is still unknown. When you are looking for pricing, it truly is speculated to start out at around $ 24 290.


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