2017 Lincoln MKS Review

You should expect to see the 2017 Lincoln MKS soon from Lincoln. It is rumored that this car will arrive about the dealership sometime in 2016 which is possible for delay. Lincoln will support this car with similar platform since the upcoming Continental. Before, this car is disseminated to be discontinued so Lincoln will incorporate it as being the Continental sedan series but those rumors are false for 2017 Lincoln MKS.

 2017 Lincoln MKS specs

2017 Lincoln MKS Redesign

If this car releases for the market, will probably be the second version that may be basically available from Max Wolff because the designer who previously worked to generate the design of Cadillac. It means the car is achievable to get a new styling. The smooth lines round the previous model could possibly be mixed with more sharp turn to give aggressive style for 2017 Lincoln MKS. A new look is usually added throughout the rear window with all the new styling for your grille. It seems the car could borrow some features and design language from Continental too because both those cars are sharing a similar CD4 platform. In another word, it’s got styling features which are also borrowed from MK-Series to present modern and futuristic touch. To support its look, this company will give more sophisticated look for that interior of 2017 Lincoln MKS.

2017 Lincoln MKS cabin

2017 Lincoln MKS Engine

Next is in regards to the engine. There is a strong issue that this company gives some engine options. We found these records claimed as being a leak from the corporation insiders. 2017 Lincoln MKS is resulting with 2.9 liter EcoBoost engine V6 to create the output for approximately 300 horsepower which is used for your base version. The alternative is V6 Ecoboost 3.5 liter that is certainly able to create about greater than 350 horsepower. However, the organization gives no confirmation yet in connection with this issue. It is expected the company offer nine-speed transmission simply because they have developing it.

2017 Lincoln MKS concept

2017 Lincoln MKS Release Date

It remains to be a big mystery for that release of 2017 Lincoln MKS and now we do not know around the price tag just for this car. One thing that people are sure is your vehicle will be the competitor for other great cars including Lexus ES as well as Cadillac XTS. It will be presented in China since Lincoln wish to extend their market. Because Lincoln has decreased popularity, the corporation will try to boost its name by giving this car.


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