2018 Audi R8

Six-cylinder power mooted for Audi’s most exotic sports car in 2018 If the entry-level price-tag of the V10-powered Audi R8 super car, at $354,900, seems a little steep, relief could just over the horizon after a leaked product planning map revealed a V6 Automobile offers a rich and varied examination of the automotive universe in all its forms – delivered by our stable of first-class editors and freelance contributors and illustrated with vibrant photography. A leaked Audi item preparation graph recommends that a V-6-powered variation of the R8 is on its means as well as it will be presented in 2018. The V-6 engine is reported to be a brand new, twin-turbocharged device that’s anticipated to debut in the next An image showing Audi’s roadmap for 2017 and 2018 is being circulated on the internet. Judging by the document, 2017 will be an action packed year for the German brand as the company intends on launching as many as 9 models. Also Read: Audi to Launch Over For some time, it’s been understood that one of those models will be an all-electric SUV from Audi. The carmaker now says that the model will arrive in 2018, as part of a significant This would follow the template of the Audi R8 e-tron, a version An absolutely stunning 2018 audi r8 V10 Plus is currently on display at Audi Center Frankfurt. This particular R8 V10 Plus is painted in an understated shade of blue but thanks to its menacing and out-there design, looks incredibly stunning. As this is the .

managed to get their hands on a very confidential Audi product schedule going into 2018. Aside from a few small adjustments in the next two years—most of which we already know—the product plan shows a V6 version of the R8 scheduled for 2018. The upcoming Audi Q8 e-tron will be powered by electric technology that will be shared with the upcomnig R8 e-tron. The electric powertrain will get its juice from a new-age rechargeable battery. Engineers at Audi are aiming to achieve a range of 370 miles. A new report indicates that a V6-powered entry-level Audi R8 model will debut in early 2018, with overseas sales beginning in the middle of the year. According to sources who have spoken to Car and Driver, the Audi R8’s new entry-level engine will be a In a bid to fit in as part of Volkswagen Group’s number one slot by 2018, Audi would be looking at about seven R6 will be a smaller version of Audi R8 and will possess a midsized engine with a more affordable price tag. With Audi’s endeavor to .


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